Charlélie Jourdan


I help specialists use factual stories
to explain technical concepts clearly
without being simplistic.

What I do

I help specialists present their work with clear, factual stories.Since 2013 I have helped over 6000 researchers, engineers, policy officers, lawyers, diplomats and entrepreneurs use factual stories to explain complex concepts and impact audiences.I love what I do, and I do it well.

What I help clients with

As a trainer, I have developed a unique method of storytelling for complex, intangible projects.While classic "communication" tends to be oversimplistic;Factual storytelling makes facts clearer and appealing without compromising on accuracy.It is a technique used for case studies, mini-documentaries, TED Talks, investor pitches and technical sales.Since 2017, I've trained 3000+ professionals to this technique - working in embassies, particle accelerators, startups, funders, policy agencies and deep tech.

Short bio

  • Worked at the European Parliament as a legislative assistant (2008-10)

  • Manager public comms agency (2013-18)

  • Trained 6000+ professionals

  • Consult for EU institutions and the World Bank

  • Instructional design for the European Parliament and European Commission staff (LMS)

  • Worked with 100+ freelancers, acting as a Creative director

  • Strategic planner for €60m. tenders

Main training courses

  • 1. Factual storytelling for specialists

  • 2. Design principles & Brand identity

  • 3. Strategy for creative campaigns

  • 4. Effective personal work with AI


European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the EU, EEAS, Google EU,, Intel EU, WWF, TEDx, Research institutes (DESY Hamburg, JRC), Green NGOs, INCO social entrepreneurship, INTERREG/INTERACT.

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