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Charlélie Jourdan is a communication strategist with an expansive insight into creating European-wide communication campaigns. As the co-Founder and former Creative Director of Old Continent, the Brussels-based Public Communications Agency, Charlélie has worked on over 300 projects in the last 6 years, and he and his team have evolved the communication of clients such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, Google, Intel, WWF and others, with strategic insights and effective creative implementation. He has trained more than 2000 professionals to date in workshops, webinars and speeches on operational communication tactics and strategy.

What do you need for a presentation?


For all presentations
Video projector / 1080p resolution (HMDI or VGA / DVI + audio output (mini-jack))

Specific to brainstormings
Flipchart / Black markers (Sharpie style) / 10 blocs of 100 post-its / we carry post-its and markers for 10 people

Configuration of the room
The optimal configuration are movable chairs and tables and if not possible, the room with the largest space so that groups can circulate and work independently. In some cases we are happy to invade collective spaces like the coffee machine, and some small groups will be more efficient by moving out of the main room

How in advance should we contact you?


We prefer planning and forecasting, especially since there is more demand than we can fulfil.

But if we already have the training prepared, or have delivered a similar speech in the past - and that the logistics can be arranged by a member of your staff - a 2 weeks notice can work.

Ideally 60 days is a better timeframe

What do we mean by strategy?


Strategy is a set of skills to produce a plan and anticipate the future. It relates strongly to the vocabulary of military engagement, and it's all about foreseeing what a certain budget and a given human resources can achieve.

If during a conflict it means winning the war, in communication it means positioning the organisation against its competitors and in the best light possible for its customers. A strategy starts by identifying the means available to do that (how much time & money) and to precisely define the big goal an organisation want to reach over 3 to 5 years.

Once this is known, a battle plan can be prepared to reach this goal - and this becomes like a map that allows us to go from A to B. It can sometimes take dozens of campaigns to reach the big goal, and each of these battles will have a specific plan.

But the big picture is to only fight battles that contribute to winning the war. Most often, organisations and individuals with weak strategic understanding will lead many battles that are not helping on the long run.

Being on social media, having a newsletter, posting on a website, organising events can be rendered completely useless if they do not contribute to assure a strong position over 3 to 5 years. Being busy does not mean being effective.